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Jumbo / Giant Wild Sea Tiger Prawns


It’s best to thaw frozen seafood in room temperature. It’s always best to cook seafood thoroughly to minimize the risk of food borne illness.

Note : Never soak the seafood in water to defrost, this will cause the seafood especially prawn having soggy/soft meat. Prawn will become not fresh if you defrost the prawn by soaking it in the water.

For your safety, we sanitize all frozen food packaging before we send to our delivery team.

Package Include 350G / 400G / 460G / 850G of Jumbo Sea Tiger Prawns
Weight 4 Prawns 450G (Each Prawn 100g-120g)
3 Prawns 400G (Each Prawn 120g-140g)
3 Prawns 460G (Each Prawn 140g-160g)
2 Prawns 350G (Each Prawn 160g-190g)
2 Prawns 380G (Each Prawn 180g-190g)
2 Prawns 420G (Each Prawn 190g-220g)
2 Prawns 480G (Each Prawn 230g-250g)
4 Prawns 850G (Each Prawn 180g-230g)
Type Premium Grade AA Wild Catch Prawn, Prawn head stick with Prawn Body Perfectly!

4 Prawns 350G (Each Prawn 70g-90g), 4 Prawns 400G (Each Prawn 90g-110g), 4 Prawns 450G (Each Prawn 100g-120g), 3 Prawns 400G (Each Prawn 120g-140g), 3 Prawns 460G (Each Prawn 140g-160g), 2 Prawns 320G (Each Prawn 150g-160g), 2 Prawns 350G (Each Prawn 160g-190g), 2 Prawns 380G (Each Prawn 180g-190g), 2 Prawns 425G (Each Prawn 190g-220g), 4 Prawns 850G (Each Prawn 180g-230g), 2 Prawns 480G (Each Prawn 230g-250g), 2 Prawns 500G (Each Prawn 240g-260g)


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