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Sekinchan Chinese Pomfret


Enjoy premium quality chinese pomfrets at your home with reasonable price. Our recommended way of cooking is steam with little salt, ginger, spring onion on top of the fish.

It’s best to thaw frozen seafood in room temperature. It’s always best to cook seafood thoroughly to minimize the risk of food borne illness.

Note : Never soak the seafood in water to defrost, this will cause the seafood especially prawn having soggy meat.

For your safety, we sanitize all frozen food packaging before we send to our delivery team.

Sekinchan will send us Fish 3 times weekly. All fish are Put Net Fish (放网鱼) means, the fisherman will go out catch fish and come back on the same day, deliver the fish to our side the next day.

Price will be adjusted depends on the final Weight of the Fish. Price is MYR120/KG. Price show are based on highest weight, for eg 600G – 800G, Price is based on 800G, if the fish you get is 600G, we will refund the additional charges you PAID.

Package Include Premium Sekinchan Chinese Pomfrets (Whole Fish)
Weight 600G-800G | 800G-1KG | 1KG + 1.2KG | 1.2KG – 1.4KG
Type Premium Grade AA

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


600G – 800G, 800G – 1KG, 1KG – 1.2KG (Seasonal), 1.2KG – 1.4KG (Seasonal)


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